Collaboration is Key to a Successful Creative Hub

Collaboration and creativity are key components to the success of our creative hub here in Eighty81 Creative Workspace so when we see our members working together we love to shout about it.

  • Wandering Fox

Ali & Laura a married couple who are best known as alternative and modern wedding photographers who recently teamed up with another member of Eighty81, TRÜFFLEPIG, a very talented and sought after graphic and web designer.

Ali & Laura wanted to relaunch their other business, a modern photo-booth called Wandering Fox and asked Tom from TRÜFFLEPIG to design their website for them, the newly designed website is not only beautiful but innovative and user friendly.

We love hearing stories like this especially since we believe collaboration is vital to the success and uniqueness of Eighty81 Creative Workspace. It invites others to become part of their story and helps in the success of their business. We also believe it places value in others, you value their skills, ideas, creativity and if it happens once it can continually happening which benefits all parties.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller