Meet Our 1st Graduate Winner: Louis Fields

Hey, I'm Louis Fields and I'm a Co-Founder of St. Columb's School of Music

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Our business, St. Columb's School of Music, is a school of music, allowing young people to learn and perform music, as well as allowing teachers to teach and learn music through a different perspective. Our business will expand on the interest that is already there following the successes of City of Culture 2013 and the annual jazz and music festivals, and through the medium of music, continue to forge relationships between the communities of the city. 

School curriculum is changing; away from art and humanity subjects and towards STEM and academic professions. Although these are key subjects for the future, music and culture offer different skills and attributes you wouldn't otherwise get from studying STEM subjects. Learning music in or outside of school, allows young people to have this balance that is vital for a healthy and economic life. 

By showcasing local talent through a school of music, we are giving them skills to perform, providing opportunities and building contacts, with an underlying agenda of having more children studying music as a profession. In addition to showcasing local talent, regional talent from across the UK and Ireland will increase tourism, culture and diversity within the city.

We aim to bring a new lease of life to the music industry and keep up with the demands and changing nature associated with technology in the 21st Century. We have been brought up through music within the city and so we acknowledge the scope and need for this type of business. The best way to succeed in music is to build contacts and so by working with Eighty81, we will be able to establish a network with other business and creative freelancers, whilst also gathering contracts for playing at various events.