'People Of Your City' by VenicePeach

Once a member of Eighty81 Creative Workspace, always a member, so when Madlen Tittmann founder of VenicePeach contacted us about being involved in her latest photography campaign called 'People Of Your City' we didn't hesitate to be involved.

  • Eighty81 Creative Workspace Outside pic
  • Eighty81-Andres Lindarte
  • Eighty81 - Shane Birney Architects
  • Eighty81 - HMD Architects

VenicePeach is a photography company who love creative challenges and inspiring others and founder [and head photographer] Madlen has been trigger-happy on the shutter button for over 25 years. She is a natural light-bender by heart, a pixel-polisher by trade and she has a flair for creative problem solving as well as the “je ne sais quoi” in connecting with clients.

Her latest project 'People Of Your City' sees Madlen taking beautiful images of local people and local businesses and doing a writeup about them. She is hard at work meeting people and hearing their stories and then promotes them on social media and she told us that is has helped increase trade in some of these businesses - which is great news especially knowing she is doing this all for free.

So when she popped in to see us the other day she met with some of our creative businesses, she met with Andres Lindarte our Colombian who followed his girlfriend to Derry because she is studying here - very romantic and the perfect story for this month.

She also met with Shane & Colin of Shane Birney Architects who are an architect practice going since 2009, they are design focused, trying to look at different schemes, from a different angle.

Madlen also met with Martin O'Kane of HMD Architects another of our creative members which deals with mostly educational work, new school buildings and a lot of conservation work of listed buildings and churches.

Thank you Madlen, can't wait to see your next post.