Sorry To See Them Go!

Our lovely residents, MakeMatic, a video production company that makes bitesize professional learning videos, are expanding and so are leaving Eighty81 to move into bigger premises.

  • MakeMatic
  • MakeMatic

We are so thrilled for them and it's exciting to see a local company that started off with two people now expanding to nearly 20!!

I grabbed Mark Nagurski, co-founder of MakeMatic, while he was in the middle of packing to have a quick chat with us and to learn more about what is happening with this growth and how they go here even though the company is not yet two years old.

Tell us about your journey to founding MakeMatic?

I’d been working on technology and young people on a different project for about 4 years, and was looking for a way to take some of those ideas to a bigger audience. Catherine was a series producer at the BBC before returning to Derry - so making exciting educational videos was the answer.


What were the biggest initial hurdles to starting/building your business and how did you overcome them?

Money is always a big hurdle but outside that, it took a while to really figure out what our product was, and how that fit with what our customers and partners wanted. We fixed it by making and selling stuff early - even if it wasn’t exactly the right thing - we learned a lot about how we needed to change and adapt.

What was your first business?

The first business I started was a sales company. I ran it for a few years but didn’t know a lot about how to run a company.

What do you wish you knew before you started your first business?

It’s a lot of work. And a lot of the time it’s work you won't be paid for. Building a business should be about creating long-term value if you’re not doing that you should probably find something else.

What did you learn from the worst boss you ever had?

Take responsibility. If you own the company everything is your job.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

The biggest one is probably people not being able to see the big picture and arguing about little things.

How do you see MakeMatic expanding over the next few years?

We’ve just kicked off some big partnerships that mean lots of new faces. The next 12 months is about building that team, getting them really solid and then finding new partners, particularly in the US. 

What would be your top advice for anyone looking to start a business?

Think about how it’s going to make money. It might sound like an obvious thing but you have to understand what that means. Are you going to be out selling? Do you need to get really good at online marketing? Money doesn’t just show up, you have to go get it.

Now that you are expanding and leaving Eighty81 Creative Workspace - would you recommend it and why?

It’s a great place to start something. It’s friendly, flexible and has a great creative vibe. If we could get an extra 20 desks we’d be staying!

Thank you, Mark, we appreciate you taking time out of packing and moving to chat with us. 

We wish Mark, Catherine and their team the best of luck in the future - it has been a pleasure and you will all be missed.

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