Thank You Jameson Irish Whiskey

A big thanks to Francis McConnell, a Jameson Brand Ambassador, who came to Eighty81 to teach us all about Jameson whiskey.

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As it was our 3 year anniversary of managing Eighty81 we thought we would organise a fun event and what better than a whiskey tasting event, so we gathered our members and asked Jameson to send along one of their Brand Ambassadors to teach us about their whiskey and to sample some of their 

Francis started us off with Jameson, ginger and lime, not something I've ever had before but will definitely try again, it was refreshingly tasty and a great introduction to whiskey.

He then took us through the history of Jameson Irish Whiskey, did you know that Jameson is the world's third largest single-distillery whiskey?, well you do now. He also offered us advice not only on how best to enjoy whiskey, but also how to savour every sip as we sampled our way through 4 different types of Jameson whiskeys.

We had just a fun event and even though we all listened I think we can all agree that none of us are experts but after listening to Francis passionately tell us about Jamesons history, about the blends, the different barrels, the notes, I know the next time I look at a Jameson bottle I'll know it's a lot more than a bottle of whiskey, its heritage, its culture and it's to be appreciated.